Christmas Workshop x 706 Berlin Youth Community

A live installation art activity co-sponsored by 706 Berlin Youth Space & Forest Studio.

Participants bring old clothes they don’t need to complete a star artwork together; on December 25th, participants bring their star works to the Brandenburg Gate to assemble, communicate with the audience and take photos, and finally put together a piece Related to documentaries.

Workshop in Floating University for Kinder Kulture Monate

 From 6th October to 8th October 2021,Forest studio works with Foresta Kids in Kinder Kulture Monate Berlin.reed, we make a collective sculpture of an endangered animal, or an animal that children will most like to make.

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Residency project in ZZK* Recycling Art Center

In September 2021, Forest studio spend one month in Lübz and creat new social art work “Wind HAll the materials used by the artist are from local waste materials. It is also an attempt in a new direction after we come to Germany.

See documentry film :https:

workshop in C-space! In Pop-up Tea house

With Forest Studio to explore how to form sketch model and try making the giant wooden-cloth sculpture.Further more,you have a opportunity deeply join and experience the “Temporary faith”social projectLet art connected us!

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On 14th August 2021, From 10:30-13:30 am

project on going at Mirbachplatz

After staying on the streets of the Wasserwerk and former GDR time prison , “Meteor” will hang on former Bethanian church on the eve of Easter 2021 and stay under the tower for a period of time.

coperate with Inselweissensee

Thanks to Planufaktur

performance by YunRu

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