Temporary Faith No.5 “The meteor”臨時信仰 5 流星
Everyone lives on their own lonely planet,this is how we feel about living in Berlin for three years. This is a cold city, a city where lonely people gather.
Temporary Faith Constellation Series start from Meteor,this video shows how meteor been created in 16th Feb 2021.
Temporary Faith No.1 “Soul Sanctuary”臨時信仰 No.1 靈魂庇護所
The freezing rain of Easter in 2018 has become an unforgettable memory. On the square of Berlin Dom, I placed one of my art work with my family, It is named “The sanctuary of the soul”, which is more than five meters high and hand-made by myself. Faith and love are invincible, for every urban wandering heart, it seems like a temporary shelter for them. Some audiences said “We like your art, because of the freezing rain today, it has become a temporary shelter for everybody, , God should be here. ” The encouragement of the audience firmly supported my beliefs. As the Easter version of the Temporary Faith series, “The sanctuary of the soul”, it is in return to my life in Berlin, and at the same time my work goes into the city — Berlin, the placement of the trial of intervention in the daily life of the public.
Temporary Faith No.2 “Free gate” 2018 臨時信仰 2 自由門
On 1st May 2018– International Labour Day, we went to the Berlin Wall Park. As the most vibrant park in Berlin, every Sunday, always crowded, there are more than a dozen of Bands with different styles playing music for public, no charge, served with typical German beer.
Temporary Faith No. 3 “Alien Star” 臨時信仰 3 異星
Weisser See Berlin Park is more than ten minutes’ walk from our home. There is a pool of clear water in the center of the park, named after the white lake. It is surrounded by big trees and is full of shades in autumn. There were swans, wild ducks and water birds.
Temporary Faith No.4 “Sentry post” 臨時信仰 4 崗哨
On the afternoon of May 27th, 2018, we carried the new work “Camppost” together. We took M4 and then M10 at the station and got off at the Berlin Wall Memorial Station. There is a memorial to the Berlin Wall site, with image materials and historical exhibits. Across the road is the preserved.
This video shows a relevant work to “Temporary Faith”–“FeiYi”a single artwork.
Dedicated to the free soul