Forest studio Is a spontaneous art design group.

 It aims to find design inspiration and practice in daily life.

Yilan Zeng ,designer.


Zhang Ruo , artist .

Forest Studio was founded in Beijing in 2011. The studio is dedicated to sculpture , installation , interior and product design, has participated in Beijing Design Week as a curator many times. For a long time, the artistic practice of Forest Studio has focused on the transformation of old objects and the creative use of ruined space.

After migrating to Berlin Forest Studio’s exploration direction is more inclined to social sculpture facing the public, and more thinking about modern people’s desire for green living and the historical background of the city.

After demolition and resettlement in 2017, we are still in flux. During the slow recovery, we first focused on the establishment of a visualized online community, hoping that by finding like-minded partners, we can once again restore and rebuild the green art entrepreneurship park on the earth.